Claudia Pantoja – Read Her Words

Claudia Pantoja is a famous writer, speaker, teacher and psychologist. Her works can be found on numerous publications including children’s books, motivational and personal development books, self help and life-transforming books and much more. A lot of people were familiar with her name but very few know about her accomplishments as a speaker and as a teacher. Her CDs and DVDs are used for professional speaking engagements and workshops. You will love to hear her voice because it is so soft and mellow.

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To create a recording of Claudia Pantoja reading, first download the recording from the Internet. Then open the recorded file in a text editor such as Microsoft Word or Publisher. Make sure that you have the correct spelling of words as they appear on the page. If you have any unfamiliar words, you can insert a picture of a capital letter. To practice your speaking voice, record your voice in your normal voice at the same point and note the difference in the pitch, tone and enunciation.

After finishing the recording, you can study it and try to analyze what is being said. Pay attention to the details of the presentation and listen closely to detect if there are any errors. Listen again to the recording to see if you still notice any errors. Play back the recording several times and look for the areas where you can improve your speaking voice. Continue practicing until you can already read by taking note of your mistakes.