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Experts in IT Consulting, Outsourcing, and High
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Driving your business success in Spain, the Americas, and globally with cutting-edge technological solutions, high-performance teams, and specialized talent.

Discover how Vermont Solutions enhances the growth and innovation of your business. Our experience in the Spanish, American, and Latin American markets positions us as leaders in the digital transformation of your company.

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IT Consulting for Your Business

The future does not exist without minds to build it.

We develop a plan of weaknesses and strengths to identify areas to enhance and those we need to improve. We utilize data platforms, HPC (High Performance Computing), Cloud, Big Data, and many more cutting-edge technologies to get your company off the ground.

By employing innovative solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, you will see how your company undergoes a change in its way of operating and thinking. A change that is absolutely necessary if we want to meet the demands of the present day.

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Do you need a consultant for your digital transformation?

We are experts in accelerating calculation processes and HPC (High Performance Computing). By reducing the time of algorithms, batch processes, databases, back-ends, and other systems.

This represents a significant advantage when it comes to speeding up a company’s operations, meeting SLAs, improving KPIs, and optimizing ROI and scalability. We reduce the time needed to execute processes from days to minutes. Our service is ideal if you are looking to accelerate your operations and generate cost and time savings.

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Our dedication to technology and our determination to achieve significant advancements through it.

Business cases

Our most successful business cases and their benefits.



Our team

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Guillermo Fernández Cora

Project Manager

Excellence in a sector as competitive and demanding as technology is, above all, having the conviction that the most valuable assets that make up a company are its people.

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Laura Fernández

HPC Area

At Vermont, I feel highly valued and supported. It is a company with great professionals who also have a very humane approach in dealing with people.

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José Carlos Navarro

Director of Operations and Business Development

At Vermont, we understand that to grow as an organization we must improve individually. That’s why we strive to provide our employees with training and a place where they feel comfortable and motivated.

Do not hesitate to build a better future!