Work Methodology

We are focused on identifying and meeting the technological needs of your business at both local and international levels. Our multidisciplinary team of IT experts, with vast experience across various sectors, is committed to overcoming your challenges and achieving your business goals.

There will never be two strategies the same, as our work consists of translating our clients’ needs into efficient technological plans.

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Do you know the
benefits of HPC?

New requirements imply an exponential increase in time and hardware in traditional computing systems. Among other things, HPC will provide you with:


Business cases


José Carlos Navarro,
Performance DDBB Area

We conducted a study for a major insurance company on the PL-SQL processes they used daily. Over the past few years, they have exponentially increased their number of policies, causing their processes to take days, as the database was not designed for that volume. The challenge was to understand their daily operations and achieve time improvements without any investment in infrastructure. We did research to find the best tool on the market and proposed refactoring the code to adapt it to new paradigms. The result was improvements in subprocesses that previously took 16 hours to less than one hour. The client was impressed with the new times.

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Laura Fernández,
HPC Area

In one of our clients, the second largest bank in Spain, we proposed conducting a PoC with a product that we knew would improve the performance of their risk calculation and treasury processes. Due to the success of this PoC, the entire Corporate Grid of the bank was migrated to the new software.

This change was of utmost importance, as all the processes for the risk and market platform run on the Corporate Grid, such as Algorithmics and Murex. These types of projects reaffirm us as Technology Trusted Advisors for our clients, as we always seek optimization.

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Foreign Exchange

Daniel Fernández,
Data Expert

One of the leading banking entities in Spain was looking for a technological solution to provide all foreign exchange prices, updated several times each second, to their teams. This project involved creating an infrastructure that could support tens of thousands of write and read operations per second. We conducted an analysis of the existing technologies on the market and decided to work with Oracle Coherence, a distributed in-memory database solution. Ultimately, we managed to create a system that supported all the peaks of read and write load without even reaching 60% of its capacity.

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